Welcome to the Parish

Our school is linked to The Parish of Forton Saint John the Evangelist. The Saint John’s community is made up of all sorts of people from all sorts of different backgrounds.  Young and old, men and women, people who’ve been going to Church all their lives and people who’ve only just dipped their toe in the water.  So, whoever you are and wherever you’ve been, you’re welcome at Saint John’s!

If you would like to visit our Church, there is an Open Church on the first Wednesday of every month between 7-9pm. All welcome and refreshments provided. 

Mother Carrie Thompson

Mother Carrie is the Vicar (Parish Priest).  She’s usually available in the Parish every day except Mondays. Mother Carrie is regularly in school taking assemblies, giving blessings or helping the children with their learning.

St John's Gosport C of E Primary School
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