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St John's CofE Primary School

St John's CofE Primary School

Give us Faith, Fun and Friendship as we Learn, Love, Fly

Euro 2020 Final - Letter to parents

 9th July 2021


Dear Parents and Carers


Euro 2020 Final Sunday 11th July


It has been wonderful to see the excitement of the children over recent weeks as they have watched the England football team make their way to the final of the Euros. The first major football tournament in 55 years – it is a wonderful achievement!


This is a truly historic event for football fans across England which many families will hopefully be celebrating and enjoying. Regardless of how well England do in the tournament, the sense of community and underpinning values associated with the ‘big game’ on Sunday evening, are also reflected in our school’s Christian values and the Six Strands we teach in school each day.


For us it is a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to live out these values in real life and so we believe it is important that we embrace this. If watching, the children will see the resilience of players to keep going and determination to score that important winning goal – and like you we will be at home watching the match with sheer excitement and dread all at once! We may experience the thrill and jubilation of winning – but we may also have to face the disappointment of losing. These are important things for our children to learn about. Whatever the score, we hope that our children will embrace and understand empathy for others, as well as pride in the England team.


Of course, we will be in school on Monday morning bright and early whatever, ready to take on the week ahead. The legal expectation for pupils to attend school on Monday has not been changed in light of the event and therefore we hope that you continue to ensure that your children attend school.


In order to support you with this, on Monday we will be keeping our registers open a little longer than usual until 10.30 a.m. and we will authorise late arrivals for this exceptional reason. Please make every effort to ensure that your child attends school at the earliest possible time. We would much prefer your child to be in school and slightly late than not at all, so please do help us by ensuring this is the case.


Breakfast Club will be open at the usual time and our Covid-19 bubbles will remain in place, as will our usual staggered starting times. If you arrive at these times please continue to follow the usual class timings and go to the usual waiting points. If arriving later to school please bring your child to the school office. Please be considerate and remember our Covid guidance and social distancing; if a child from a different bubble to yours is already lining up for a late arrival, please maintain your distance. There is also the consideration that later arrivals will be missing intended learning and disrupting the learning of others and therefore ensuring your child is prepared to enter school ready to engage in learning from the off-set is just as important as getting here.


We thank you for your support in ensuring your children attend and look forward to seeing you on Monday – regardless of the result!


Kind regards


Mr Lyndon Strong                  Mrs Carolyn Wilkinson


Headteacher                          Deputy Headteacher